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TNFTM manages artist affiars, produces campiagns and is a PR provider for high-quality, revered digital NFT artists also we nuture promising digital artwork/artists into the NFT space.

Artists Case Studies

Tillavision 2021

TNFTM powered by PSHR consulted Tillavision by providing the campiagn with entry into Future Art Festival, assistance using Rarible, Known Origin, Opensea and assiting with Tillavision’s strategy to connect with Super Rare.

This is a Known Origin submission, a Tillavision artwork made specifically for Known Origin as part of this campaign to establish Tillavision as an NFT artist, which includes PSHR’s plan to bring Token Soup from a digital to physical piece to be auctioned at Christie’s!

Featured NFT’s

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Featured Artist: Tillavision (TV)

This Token Soup edition is a Super Rare submission, an artwork as part of Tillavision’s Token Soup campiagn, Super Rare are a sophicated NFT marketplace, displaying premier digital art for sale.

Token Soup

Token Soup iterations are now present at all the main NFT marketplaces including Super Rare (as featured), Rarible, Opensea, Known Origin, Nifty Gateway, First Edition and Artsync. Tillavision (TV) is a premier music animation artist who has worked with several major label artists, in partnership with PSHR powered by TNFTM, the first ever brand/talent agency dedicated to NFTs.