Super Super Discord …

Super Super have partnered with the NFT Movement (TNFTM) to bring its Discord promotional services to our NFT production and distribution projects. Super Super offers a series of Discords and is working closely with and it systems, as well as other Super Super Servers in the space.

Super Super is an alliance of global NFT, Defi, Metaverse and Esports Discord Servers and Super Servers, creating a Super Super Server from these differing Discord Server accounts.

Super Super, Server is the main Discord management leading social media and all promotional operators related to Discord, while we provide NFT packaging, media and entertainment products, we are able to generate several NFT lifestyle brands offering our experience in the space to our clients.

Super Servers

Super Super is a series of operational Discord Super servers with bots and sign up incentives all geared towards one goal, as a community capable of wide area communication on a global scale, bringing various promotional genres including PFP promotion, multiple NFTs Marketplace aggregation and layer one metaverse community building for traditional, programmable and generative NFTs.

Super Super services the Ethereum, Litecoin, Polygon, Solana, BSC and Near protocols, like we provide advert placement incentives to Super servers and servers on Discord and a robust sales model, users can create programmable, generative and standard 1of1 or collection NFTs and deliver these artworks, utilities, airdrops, limited edition experiences and NFT events and DAO communication via this expansive Super Super server set-up.