Stadium NFTs

Ticket Sales in Metaverse.

Metastadia developed by Metarial is offering NFTs, buyers can purchase stadium tickets and club shop merchandise:

NFT Homes

Purchase a residence as an NFT.

Metarial is offering luxury homes as NFTs, buyers can purchase actual real estate as NFTs:

Luxury Car NFTs

Purchase a Royce Rolls as an NFT.

Metarial is providing a VR showroom is offering luxury vehicles as NFTs, buyers can purchase these NFTs:

Private Island NFTs

Purchase an actual Island as an NFT.

We are launching the first ever private island sales via NFT marketplace(s):

1: NFT for sale of an actual private island, sourced from registered private island brokers for islands based globally.

2: Buyer also receives an NFT artwork collection and a virtual copy of the island, as a CGI interactive walkthrough, with a 100% revenue from this collection, including metaverse (sales) revenue.

3: First NFT artworks inspired by the island will be co-ordinated with the buyer with a notable ROI, also buyers receive 12 months free access to our private jet and our concierge services.