Tillavision (TV). based in Los Angeles far away from the hollywood elite, glitterati, but close to blossoming street art/music/fashion culture and he is utilising what is an established global hip-hop destination as a back drop for his work, Tillavision (TV). is a premier animation artist, a ‘draft pick’ in the true sense of the word, he is a leading NFT artist within a slew of newly established 3D digital animation, visual FX artists in the region, who are capable of connecting with hip-hop culture, this connection between art and hip-hop culture isn’t a new phenomenon, but the audio/visual production ability Tillavision has means he is capable of global domination, while developing this new form of pop art for NFTs, all created from Tillavision’s immersive presence within Hip-Hop which is current popular culture, the revolution developed, delivered and then presented via TV!