Physical NFT’s

You don’t have to burn a “Banksy” to create a Physical NFT

Physical NFT’s

An NFT being unique and providing immutable proof, makes it possible to identify and authenticate a physical work of art directly in the blockchain so as to leave a trace as solid and lasting as the blockchain is.

How to automate the royalties on a work of art?

When creating your NFT you will only have to choose the option allowing you to automate an annuity on all future sales of your work. Thus, if you choose a royalty of around 10%, this amount will be automatically paid to you for each of the transfers made via your NFT.

How to sell my artwork on plateforme ?

Once your physical work of art is linked to your NFT, you can put it on sale directly on platforms accepting NFTs and allowing direct online purchases.

Physical NFT Case Studies

Banksy 2021

TNFTM powered by PSHR consulted Tillavision by providing the campiagn with entry into Future Art Festival, assistance using Rarible, Known Origin, Opensea and assiting with Tillavision’s strategy to connect with Super Rare.

This is a Known Origin submission, a Tillavision artwork made specifically for Known Origin as part of this campaign to establish Tillavision as an NFT artist, which includes PSHR’s plan to bring Token Soup from a digital to physical piece to be auctioned at Christie’s!

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