Remo Camerota. – The Lourve Project

The NFT Movement (TNFTM) as part of PSHR – Publishing Reinvented has been appointed to manage Remo Camerota’s Lourve Project.

Remo Camerota is a veteran NFT artist, with over $2m in sales and several years of art direction and commercial to fine art commission experience.

TNFTM assists Remo Camerota via management of the Lourve Project with curated planning, including the NFT drop on Davinci, Binance and with managing elements of Remo’s Known Origin promotion, for previous project: Remography.

This submission has unique access passes and exhibition artworks, as well as 1of1 phygital works via this cross marketplace strategy, introducing NFT marketplaces and utilising our London operations to promote Remo and his work.

Tillavision. – Token Soup Commission

The NFT Movement (TNFTM) as part of PSHR – Publishing Reinvented has been appointed to manage Tillavision’s NFT art campaign for Token Soup.

TNFTM powered by PSHR consulted Tillavision by providing the Token Soup campiagn with entry into Future Art Festival, promotion towards Rarible, Known Origin, Opensea and also assiting with Tillavision’s strategy to connect with Super Rare.

This submission was part of a wider plan to familiarise Tillavision’s artwork, via this cross marketplace strategy, where each piece is made to assist an expansive and specific communications effort, to deliver PR, NFT marketplaces.

The quality of Tillavision’s art and animation and his ‘hustler spirit’ has made TNFTM’s management of his campaign seamless, Tillavision currently is established at several NFT marketplaces, alongside Token Soup being displayed as part of the Future Art Festival at

Tillavision has released the last of a series of drops as the Token Soup can opening which is a celebration piece , it is an epic animation piece to end the Token Soup campaign.

Banksy NFTs

Banksy. – Token Art for the Masters – The NFT Movement (TNFTM) has been appointed to manage two (4 x actual pieces) Banksy artworks, to be sold as NFTs.

TNFTM consulted several art lawyers based in London, to debate, deconstruct and develop a plan allowing the sale of any Artwork in the format of a licensed NFT smart contract technology.

As well as our own process, have a partnership in place with Coinllectibles the leading phygital NFTs, with a partnership metaverse project assisting them into this space, while we create state of the art phygital NFTs.

TNFTM utilises our unique IP and art project management experience to facilitate client onboarding for museums, art galleries and physical art installations to become minted and delivered to art buyers as NFTs. Advantages for utilising NFTs with masterpiece artworks are endless, fractionalisation, purchase security, immutable provenance, digital limiting and artist print/proofing/signing.