The first ever NFT talent agency.

created its first NFT in 2019.

The NFT Movement, is similiar to the other period art movements throughout history, having started from the beginning of the NFTs, as the first ever NFT Talent Agency, powered by PSHR – Publishing Reinvented, who have provided a primary roster of audio/visual design talent, executive contacts and development teams across the metaverse, NFT and blockchain industries, with TNFTM managing the artist affairs for several high-quality, revered digital NFT artists, TNFTM is also where we nurture promising digital artwork/artists into the NFT space.

As this primary and historical period in NFTs has already ensued, via genesis artworks from the first of the established NFT artists Fewicious, Trevor Jones, PAK, X-Copy, Jon Noorlander, Jose Delbo, RTFKT and of course Beeple, whose artwork formed the highest ever transaction for an NFT sale, the piece called 5000 days, which was auctioned via Christie’s and Makersplace, creating this most celebrated piece of art: Beeple’s premier sale in the NFT space, occuring early in March 2021, this while TNFTM was had previously approached Christies, Maddox and Sotheby’s alerting them re: NFTs, already performing artist introductions to Rarible and Opensea as a store owner consultant for these and several other marketplaces, also delivering genesis artists and artworks, consulting early stage NFT executives from several major labs and studios, with several working alongside the NFT Movement.


Here is the presentation deck from TNFTM, which is the first ever NFT presentation for a Museum in this NFT era.

Artwork Case Study

TNFTM and Token Art – the quest to create compliant phygital NFTs



Banksy – Silver Flag * 1 of 1000

TNFTM and Token Art – the quest to create compliant phygital NFTs


TNFTM has provided the NFT community with R&D surrounding phygital NFTs, including the provenance, identity and KYC/AML processes, to bring proof of purchase to the Museum, Gallery and Exhibition industries of art.

First we went to London’s top law firm for art – Charles Russells and Speechlys, to discuss ways to translate physical artwork in legal sense

Second over to Openlaw the thoerise around legal documents within the blockchain and the process of a LAO

Third we connected with Soleauchain – Token Art to form a partnership surrounding the sale of a Banksy piece, we already own * displayed below


Fourth we connected with Vechain and other provenance blockchains * with a presenatation deck is available upon request

Fifth we connected with physical art organisations including the Van Gogh Museum * presenatation deck used for Van Gogh displayed above

Artist Case Study


TNFTM powered by PSHR consulted Tillavision by providing the campiagn with entry into Future Art Festival, assistance using Rarible, Known Origin, Opensea and assiting with Tillavision’s strategy to connect with Super Rare.

This is a Known Origin submission, a Tillavision artwork made specifically for Known Origin as part of this campaign to establish Tillavision as an NFT artist, which includes PSHR’s plan to bring Token Soup from a digital to physical piece to be auctioned at Christie’s!

Featured Artist: Tillavision (TV)

This Token Soup edition is a Super Rare submission, an artwork as part of Tillavision’s Token Soup campiagn, Super Rare are a sophicated NFT marketplace, displaying premier digital art for sale.

Token Soup

Token Soup iterations are now present at all the main NFT marketplaces including Super Rare (as featured), Rarible, Opensea, Known Origin, Nifty Gateway and Foundation. Tillavision (TV) is a premier music animation artist who has worked with several major label artists, in partnership with PSHR powered by TNFTM, the first ever brand/talent agency dedicated to NFTs.

Artist Case Study

Tillavision and Mitch Mula’s Lil Bitcoin – a new era in Rap!

Lil Bitcoin is the world first crypto powered rap avatar and the metaverse is definetly his turf!, Lil Bitcoin has several NFT projects, with over 1.5m in NFT sales, Lil Bitcoin’s music releases and metaverse projects are created as a stable artist for CMR – Crypto Money Records, created by Tillavision.